MLA Meeting Agendas



August 31, 2019

I. Call to Order - MLA President Gary Salisbury

Stating of the 3 primary goals of the Association:

A. Promote the education of the riparian property of owners and other lake users about water quality and water supply.

B. Support issues which concern welfare of the lake in general, including the conservation of the water supply in the lake and watershed, and maintaining the quality of water safety for swimming and conducive to fish resources.

C. Support the measurement and evaluation of hydrological data of the lake so that decisions and actions shall be for what is best for the lake.

II. Roll Call of Board Members

· President - Gary Salisbury

· Vice President - Keith Gancer

· Treasurer - Shug Brandell

· Sgt. At Arms - Bob Williams

· Secretary - Matt Thomas

· Sue Kramer - Board member at large

· Seth Phillips - Board member at large

· Norm LaCroix - Board member at large

· Brenda Henige - Board Member at large

III. Approval of Agenda

IV. Approval of Minutes

V. Presidents Report - Gary Salisbury

A.  Septic ordinance update - Seth Phillips

B.  Website - Seth Phillips

C. Shore line improvement. Shug Brandell

VI.  Treasurer’s Report - Shug Brandell

VII.  Social Committee Report - Sue Kramer

A.  Picnic at the Park, review for 2020. Input on possible dates.

B.  Boat parade, ideas for 2020. Input on time and date.

VIII. Joint Fishing Improvement Committee - Norm L., Gary Salisbury

A.  Plan for sucker netting 2020.

B. Update on current nets.

C. Permit process through DNR, Mark Tonello.

IX. Manistee Lake Improvement Board - Seth Phillips

A.  Review of last meeting.

B. Update of the survey for milfoil completed in August 2019.

X.    Old Business

A.  AuSable Institute - Dr. Fred VanDyke

B.  Kalkaska Soil Conservation - Renee Penny

XI.   New Business - Potential Projects

A.  Open for ideas on projects for the Lake.

XII.   Upcoming Events

A. Set dates for 2020 MLA meetings.

B. Review and plan for 2020 events.

C. MLIB Public Hearing and Meeting. September 16, 2019 at 7:00 pm at the Excelsior Township Hall.

XIII. Adjournment

Manistee Lake Association

Treasurer’s Report for August 31, 2019

Balance as of June 29, 2019 $31,841.96

Income from Membership Dues: 130.00

Funds Available $31,971.96

Expenses 35.00

Balance as of August 31, 2019 $31,936.96


Line Items

Budget for

7-1-19 to 6-30-20


7-1-19 to 6-30-20





Admin. Ins, IRS & MI Fees,


20 MI

15 CETA Dues

Web Site






Shoreline Project


Au Sable Inst. Donation



*Contingency Fund


Total of budgeted items


Total all expenditures



*A majority of the nine board members would have to approve these expenditures for items, services, activities consistent with and in support of the three MLA goals.


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