Manistee Lake Association

April 2015 Newsletter and Attached Membership Form

President’s Welcome: As President of the Manistee Lake Association, I would like to welcome current, former, and potential members to submit their annual dues prior to or at the Saturday, May 23, 2015 MLA meeting from 9:00 to 10:30. (See attached membership form.) This helps us fulfill the MLA purpose to:

A. Promote the education of the riparian property owners and other lake users about water quality and water supply.

B. Support issues which concern welfare of the lake in general, including the conservation of the water supply in the lake and watershed, and maintaining the quality of water safety for swimming and conducive to fish resources.

C. Support the measurement and evaluation of hydrological data of the lake so that decisions and actions shall be for what is best for the lake.

Proof of current membership is required to vote at the meetings. The Bylaws state that dues are for the calendar year, the people who had paid for 2014 as of last September will need to pay for 2015 to vote in the three summer meetings. Several members took advantage of the new forms to pay dues for multiple years. Membership has been increasing since 2012 but 127 still represents less than half of the approximately 350 residences on the lake. Please feel free to copy the membership form and give to your lake neighbors and encourage them to join. You may mail the attached form with your $25 per year dues or bring the form and check to the meeting May 23.

Goals for 2015 and beyond are to:

Develop more two-way communication among potential members, current members and other stakeholders to get feedback on MLA priorities for activities and funding.

Engage members in social activities that will support the welfare of the lake.

· Engage more members on the committees to gather and present information so members can make an informed decision when motions are made; especially when there are multiple points of view.

· Review/revise the Bylaws.

Updates since the last meeting include:

· The 2015 permit for sucker removal was approved. Norm La Croix and Keith Gancer will host a meeting April 25 (tentative date) to organize this activity that is used as an example by the DNR as ways that lake associations can make a major contribution to the state’s fishery improvement efforts.

· Manistee Lake Improvement Board met this winter and approved a grant to the Ausable Institute to expand its study of Manistee Lake conditions. There were several discussions re: the fact that EnviroSciences will not be providing weevils anymore and how might the MLIB and MLA partner with other organizations to procure weevils as a sustainable method to control milfoil.

· MLA members are interested in learning more about water safety, operation of water craft, and rules of the lake. One very basic rule is to navigate the lake in a “COUNTER CLOCKWISE” pattern. Check out the rules and other reports on our website;

· Last year’s social activities were well attended; the July 4th boat parade was great fun and the Labor Day Pot Luck was a good time for all who participated. Please contact Social Committee chairman, Sue Kramer at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information, to suggest activities, and volunteer to help with events. Please put Manistee Lake in the subject area of all emails so that she will know to accept it.

Hope to see you at the Saturday MLA meetings this summer: May 23, July 4, September 5. Please contact me for more information: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or 269-317-9664.

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