Some of you have already received the annual notice of herbicide application to Manistee Lake. I just want to remind everyone that these notices go out every year as a precaution in case we need to apply herbicide to control Eurasian Milfoil outbreaks. This notice does not mean that herbicide application will actually occur.  This notice is required if herbicide is to be applied and is sent out every Spring just in case a decision is made to do herbicide application. No such decision has been made for 2020 by the Manistee Lake Improvement Board.  You may recall that although these same notices were sent out last year, no herbicide application was done as there was not enough milfoil to warrant any treatment.  No decision on whether or not to treat milfoil this year will be made until after the Spring milfoil survey is complete.  No date has yet been set to conduct this survey as we await improving weather and a safer viral environment. If a decision is made to apply herbicide to any areas of Manistee Lake, information will be made available ahead of time through this Facebook page, the MLA web site and email from the web site.

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