Thank you to all who submitted their Manistee Lake Association membership dues and contributions to our Lake Fund. We received about 100 responses to our Spring newsletter and membership mailing. We normally get our biggest membership renewal at our May MLA meeting but, of course, that meeting had to be cancelled this year.  So the mail in response was good but there are still a lot more of you out there who are not paid up MLA members.  There are nearly 500 people in our database (drawn from the MLIB Special Assessment District list). While not everyone  lives directly on the lake, you all have some interest in making sure our lake is preserved for future enjoyment. So we still need to hear from a lot more of you.


You can print the MLA Membership Form from the MLA website ( Just click on the Membership Form link in the Public Menu and it will open as a pdf. Please fill it in, make your check out to the Manistee Lake Association and mail it as instructed on the form. It’s that easy and you will be contributing to the important work of the Manistee Lake Association, serving all of us, members or not. Thank you ahead of time for your generosity and commitment to Manistee Lake.

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