We are excited to announce the newly designed Manistee Lake Association web site is now live. Our thanks to WebConsult.Biz for all their hard and creative work to develop a new site that is easy to navigate but full of useful features.

We hope you like the look and the many additional features. We have tried to make the site far more useful as a source of information and communication. Many of the features are in the members only area so we encourage everyone to become an MLA member and to register for the member area.  Registered users who are not paid MLA members will not be able to access the features on the Members Menu except for updating your profile information.

Once logged in it is very important that you update your profile information so we have current contact information for you and you can access the many features on the site. To log in the first time, your user name is your first initial and last name as one word (e.g. sphillips) and the default password is mla123. Once you log in you can change your user name and password when you update your profile.  MLA members that are registered as a couple (like husband and wife) have only one log in based currently on the husband's first initial.

We invite comments and suggestions to improve the site. We want to make this site as useful and user friendly as we can.  We have tried to minimize some features to lessen download times for those of you with slower internet connections. We will continue to add information to the site and to improve features as we go, so please check back often and let us know what you think. Please submit articles/news items, photos and start conversations with your friends and neighbors on the member forum.  And we will try to keep you up to date on important news from the Manistee Lake Community including information from the Manistee Lake Improvement Board as well as maintaining links to other useful web sites. I hope you enjoy our new home on the web. Spread the word around. Manistee Lake can always use more friends.

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